Notes from RBC meeting agenda 10/13/17, 7PM

  1. Call to order – Members in attendance-Joe Maisto, Jen Snyder, Shelley Wells, Dani Scott, Mame Saltzman, Ray Templer, Todd Bowser. Absent – Joe Senay, Jason Corrie
  2. Officer election – Board officers were reelected with no changes. Joe Maisto, Treasurer-Dani Scott, Secretary-Jason Corrie, Vice President-Todd Bowser, President
  3. Finance report – Joe Maisto presented report with financials from Fall Festival. Total income, $13,901. Total expenses, $5931.62. Total profit, $7969.38. Many expenses would not have to be repeated next year. we will explore ways to reduce other expenses.
    1. fund raising – Becky Prevost presented raffle tickets to be sold to benefit the pool. $10 tickets based on numbers drawn Dec. 25. If all are sold, pool will profit $4000. Profits from Fall Fest and Raffle will allow the pool to start 2018 season with a small surplus.
  4. Review offseason to do list- the items below were reviewed.


summer camps pump room walk way rear deck railing revise and publish by-laws
review employee policies review party/guest policy refund/credit tile purchases Review pool rules and procedures
kill clover on lawn review employee pay scale review “family” definition bond refund list

Other: The board must review and reorganize the list of bond holders. Jen Snyder volunteered to review bond holders. The board will consider the option of membership price increase for 2019.


  1. New business
    1. future activities
      1. Halloween-board members were at the pool with treats and information during trick-or-treat in the rosedale neighborhood.
      2. Christmas Parade – RBC will enter a float in the Oakmont-Verona light up night parade, Sat. Nov 18.
  2. Unfinished business –
    1. next meeting – Nov. 13, 7:30 PM, location TBD
  3. Adjournment –