November 2017 Meeting Agenda

RBC meeting agenda 10/13/17, 7:30 PM, Rivertown Inn.

  1. Call to order
  2. Finance report – bills paid, bills due.
    1. fund raising-ticket sales
  3. Offseason to do list-changes, progress. additions.


summer camps pump room walk way rear deck railing revise and publish by-laws
review employee policies review party/guest policy refund/credit tile purchases Review pool rules and procedures
kill clover on lawn review employee pay scale review “family” definition bond refund list


Keys – who has. Who needs?

Maintenance – winterizing items to be comleted.

  1. New business
    1. future activities
      1. Christmas Parade – discuss and finalize plans.
  2. Unfinished business –
    1. next meeting
  3. Adjournment –