Grant Approval Announcement

Dear Rosedale Beach Club Membership:

It is with great pleasure and gratitude, I announce that Rosedale Beach Club has been awarded a grant from the Allegheny County Economic Development, Community Infrastructure and Tourism Fund.

With guidance and leadership from Bob Ford, Mary Chirdon and Danielle Scott, we applied for the grant last year…and again this year.  Recently, we received official confirmation that Rosedale Beach Club has been awarded the grant for “up to $100,000.”

The project we submitted, for grant approval, was to replace the pool liner.  What that means is we were trying to secure funding for “replacement and resurfacing of the big pool and baby pool.”  As many of you know we have been patching leaks in the pool for several years. This funding is necessary to keep the pool in operation…bottom line…to keep water in the pool.   As we continue to receive our instructions from the county, we will work with them to comply with established procedures outlined in the grant.

Tentatively, we would hope that an approved specialty vendor will survey the pool and begin preliminary work after Labor Day…then complete the bulk of the work during March 2019…and have the pool ready for the 2019 summer swim season.  

A special thanks to Mr. Ford, Mary and Dani for their determination in working with me during the research and application process over the past two years.


Todd Bowser