This is where we will post answers to your frequently asked questions. If you have questions you would like to have answered, please email them to info@rosedalebeachclub.com

How do I join the pool?

Complete a New Member Application, found in the column on the right. You will need to have 2 bonded members sign it.
Mail to:

Rosedale Beach Club
PO Box #100
Verona, PA 15147

Why do you keep water in the pool during the winter?

The pool recently had a fiberglass lining installed around the entire pool. As part of the liner warranty, the pool needs to have water in it year round to prevent the liner from separating from the pool side. The water pressure also helps keep the walls of the 80+ year old pool from bowing inwards.

What about mosquitoes?

We use a product called Pre-Strike, as recommended by the Allegheny Health Department, to kill any mosquitoes and their larvae during the warmer months. It is safe and biodegradable.

What are the differences between a bond and social memberships?

There are three basic things that are different between bond and social memberships.

  1. Bond yearly dues are less than social dues
    (after the initial bond is paid for).
  2. Bond members can vote on resolutions at the annual bond meeting in the summer.
  3. Bond members can sign the initial membership applications for new members.