Rosedale Beach Club is a fun, friendly, family-oriented pool. To keep it this way we ask that you follow these rules and regulations: Remember SAFETY is our number one priority for you and our lifeguards.
1. No glass on the grounds
2. No talking to lifeguards while they are on duty in the chair
3. Obey what the lifeguards say
4. Please smoke in designated smoking areas only
5. In the event of a fecal or vomiting accident, notify the manager immediately
6. All children under 12 years of age must pass the deep-water test to be in the deep water
(This includes any guest under 12 years of age)

The Deep-Water Test includes: swimming over and back the width of the pool and then treading water for 30 seconds without any breaks. This must be done on a yearly basis until the child is 12 years of age.

7. No back dives/jumps of any kind off the pool deck or diving board
8. All balls in the pool must be squish balls – No Exceptions
9. No squirt guns
10. No rafts/boogie boards, diving rings
11. Children must be 48” or taller to use the slide – this is by rule of the manufacturer
12. Please no running on the deck area
13. Please do not allow your child(ren) to play in the showers
14. All children in baby pool must be accompanied by an adult at the pool side.
15. Swim diapers must be worn when toddlers are in the pool
16. Baby pool is for those unable to be in 3ft of water. Anyone able to be in 3ft is not permitted to
be in the baby pool

17. If your child is using a floaty, you must be within an arm’s length of your child – you cannot be sitting in a chair by the pool.

18. Every hour on the hour is Adult Swim – Adult Swim is for anyone over the age of 17, everyone under 18 must vacate the pool for 15 minutes.

19. Please clean up your area – throw your trash away – especially the snack bar table area
20. All members must show membership card when entering the club. Guest are welcome for a fee; each guest must be signed in by a member and only able to stay if the member is at the club. Guest pass booklets are available at a discounted rate (must be used within the dated season)

21. When thunder is heard water is closed for 30 minutes after each thunder and the grounds will remain open. When lightening is spotted or Green Oaks/Long View whistles blow signaling lightning in the area, the grounds (including the lower pavilion), deck and water are closed for 30 minutes after each lightning strike. (If deemed unsafe the manager has the say on what will be closed).