Why does Rosedale Beach Club do Fundraising?

BarGraphRosedale Beach Club is a registered non-profit entity (501c3).  All fundraising we do is for the upkeep of our 90 year old facility and to keep our membership fees affordable for our member families.  In addition to applying for grants, we often do fundraisers, raffles and other things to bring money into the club to subsidize our operations.  It should be noted that our membership fees are the best value in the area and haven’t been raised in years.

Running a facility such as the Rosedale Beach Club is an expensive proposition.  In addition to maintenance and repair/replacement of the numerous mechanical systems required for the pool’s operation including costly pumps and filters, we also have the added expenses of restrooms, showers, and a commercial kitchen.  The expenses don’t end there as we have employees (lifeguards and managers to run the pool), utilities, insurance and other expenses.

The Rosedale Beach Club board is comprised of unpaid volunteers.  These members tirelessly work behind the scenes to make the member’s experience the best it can be.

Please consider attending a fundraiser in the future to help YOUR Rosedale Beach Club!